New addition – meet Hendrix David

I love being a Nanna.   Shortly after starting this blog we had a new addition to the family in the shape of a tiny boy, born 5 weeks early.    His arrival meant that many things, including this blog, ground to a halt as my energy and time went into helping the new parents with their beautiful little son.    With a musician father, it wasn’t a surprise when my daughter and son-in-law called their son Hendrix David, Hendrix after Jimi, and David after the many Davids related to him (each one believing that THEY are the reason for his middle name).   Becoming a Nanna has been a delightful experience and I’ve spent much of the past 6 months travelling to and from Melbourne, Hendrix’s home.

Being a grandparent has made life busier, more exciting and even more fulfilling.   It was on my list of things to do before I turn 60, NOT that I had much of a say in it.    As someone said, being a grandparent has many of the joys of parenthood, without the ultimate responsibility.   It’s something I’d definitely recommend.

With love from Annie 

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